The Nushagak River is by far one of Alaska premier fishing destinations. Originating in the Alaska plains the Nushagak stretches 280 miles until it empties out into the Nushagak Bay.

The Nushagak River is home to five species of Alaska salmon. King Salmon (Chinook), Silver Salmon (Coho), Red Salmon (Sockeye), Chum Salmon and pink salmon (humpies, only on even-numbered years).

With over 165,000 spawning Chinook salmon every year, the Nushagak River offers up Alaska’s largest King Salmon run. The Nushagak River in Alaska also hosts major runs of Sockeye, Coho, Pinks, and Chum as well as Northern Pike Fishing. The Nush also offers up world class trophy Rainbow Trout fishing.

Other notable species of fish on the Nushagak are Northern Pike, Burbot, Grayling, White Fish and Arctic Char.

The Nushagak is generally accessed by jet sled via the various villages along the river. There are also several fishing lodges and fish camps in various locations on the river as well as a variety of Nushagak river fishing guides that service the area.

June through July Nushagak River Fishing Guides can be found targeting healthy runs of Chinook and Sockeye salmon.  Coho salmon enter the river in July and can be caught all the way until the end of September.


June through October there are decent numbers of Rainbow trout throughout the Nushagak river system as well.  May to October Northern Pike are aggressively searching the river for food.


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