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Nushagak River Fishing Guides

Nushagak River Fishing guides congregate to the Mighty Nushagak river every year for a fishing extravaganza. The Nushagak River is by far one of Alaska’s premier fishing destinations. The mighty Nushagak River Originates in the Alaska plains and stretches 280 miles until emptying into the Nushagak Bay.

Nushagak River Fishing

The Nushagak River is home to five species of Alaska salmon. King Salmon (Chinook), Silver Salmon (Coho), Red Salmon (Sockeye), Chum Salmon and pink salmon (humpies, only on even-numbered years).
With over 165,000 spawning Chinook salmon every year, the Nushagak River offers up Alaska’s largest King Salmon run. The Nushagak River in Alaska also hosts major runs of Sockeye, Coho, Pinks, and Chum as well as Northern Pike Fishing. The Nush also offers up world class trophy Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fishing.
Other notable species of fish on the Nushagak are Burbot, Grayling, White Fish and Arctic Char.
The Nushagak is accessed first by plane and then by boat via the various villages along the river. There are also several fishing lodges and fish camps in various locations along its banks with several Nushagak river fishing guides that service this amazing river system.

Nushagak River Chinook Fishing Trips

June through July Nushagak River Fishing Guides can be found targeting healthy runs of Chinook salmon. With over 100,000 Chinook entering the river every year the Nushagak is considered one of the best King salmon fisheries in Alaska. These larger than life fish on an average run anywhere from 18-30 lbs. and are among the most desired of the salmonid species the great Nushagak has to offer. Known for the high-fat content and delicate flavor chinook salmon are a true pleasure to experience at the dinner table.

Nushagak River Coho Fishing Trips

Nushagak River Coho salmon enter the system in July and can be caught all the way until the end of September. The great thing about Coho salmon is that they hold up very well in fresh water. Many species of salmon during the span rapidly deteriorate and the meat becomes inedible. Coho, however, do not experience the rapid breakdown in the muscle tissue as fast thus provide an excellent culinary experience and rich flavor that is among our favorite. Coho numbers are fairly strong on the Nushagak with average runs of around 100,000 fish per year.

Nushagak River Sockeye Fishing Trips

Sockeye Salmon enter the Nushagak River in June and generally run through July, occasionally they may run all the way till August. Approximately one million Sockeye run the Nushagak making it one of the top Sockeye salmon sports fisheries in Alaska. These fish are hard fishing and fun to catch as well as being among the tastiest of the species.

Nushagak River Chum Fishing Trips

With over 500,000 Chum entering the Nushagak River every year it’s hard not to end up catching a few. Although these fish are not known for their food appeal they are one of the hardest fishing salmon you’ll ever catch. Trust me after catching 50-100 of these beasts a day your arms with dare I say feel the burn. Even though the chum meat is not considered as desirable as other species of salmon, we have found that if you smoke them and use it for salmon spread it is some the best-eating fish you’ll ever eat.

Nushagak River Pink Salmon Fishing Trips

Although Pink salmon are rarely targeted in the Nushagak river system you’ll find more than you care to in the Nushagak river every other year. The Nushagak know for the largest pink salmon runs in Alaska get around half a million Pinks during the season with reports of over two million fish in the river on good years. Pink salmon is not considered very desirable since they go to mush rather fast after having entered fresh water. However, if you catch one that is still bright and immediately put it on ice it’s actually very good eating. When baked it’s very mild in flavor and is quite tasty smoked as well.

Nushagak River Trout Fishing Trips

If you love trout fishing June through October, there are decent numbers of Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden throughout the Nushagak River system. During this time these trout are greedily feeding on spawning salmon eggs making it a great time to target this fun to catch fish. These hungry predators will hammer roe under a bobber in a feeding frenzy and are just a blast to catch.

Nushagak River Northern Pike Fishing Trips

During the months of May through October, Northern Pike are aggressively searching the river for food. These fish are real monsters of the deep and will literally strike almost anything you pitch at them. If you’re looking to catch a Northern Pike this would be the time to hit the Nush to target these hard fishing fish. Ironically not many people know that Northern Pike is very good to eat. The white meat is mild and flaky and delicious no matter how you cook it. Backed, breaded or fried this fish rarely disappoints at the dinner table. There are even some places you can get pickled pike which is like pickled herring only milder.




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