Nushagak River Fishing Report May 2020

Nushagak River

In better seasons, the subsistence nets off the beaches near Dillingham or Clark’s Point catch kings by mid- to late May. Sport fishing doesn’t produce until the kings get into the freshwater of the Nushagak River two to three weeks later. In poor seasons, fishable numbers of kings tend to occur a little later in the season.

There is an annual limit of 4 kings per angler per season of any size in the Nushagak/ Mulchatna River drainage, and other restrictions apply. Check the regulation booklet carefully before going fishing and don’t forget to record a harvested king salmon immediately.

The Nushagak River drainage king salmon fisheries are guided by the “Nushagak/Mulchatna Chinook Salmon Management Plan.” The plan addresses how the subsistence, commercial, and sport fisheries are operated at various escapement levels. Portions of the plan relevant to the sport fishery appear in the regulation booklet. Anglers are encouraged to be familiar with the plan and to be aware that in-season restrictions are likely when the escapement is low.

Other Salmon

May is too early for any sockeye (red), pink, chum, or coho (silver) salmon to return.

Also this Oregon salmon fishing guides are in full swing on the Columbia offering Columbia River guided fishing trips for Alaskans looking to try other regions.



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